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Sylvander technicians are trained to diagnose, design, and install the best air purification products to meet the needs of your home and budget. We provide the best products from leading manufacturers to ensure the best air quality for our customers.

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than outdoor air! They estimate that 96%* of the homes they tested had air quality problems. Poor indoor air quality can be a leading cause of symptoms including allergies, asthma, upper respiratory problems, nasal congestion, sinusitis, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, eye irritations, colds, lung disease, among other health issues.

Causes come from bio-aerosols like dust, pollen and viruses; potentially harmful chemicals like cigarette smoke, radon, household cleaners, and perfumes; and temperature and humidity problems.

*Source: AirAdvice 2004 field study – 10,254 tests


Indoor Air Quality Products

We offer a wide range of air purification products by leading manufacturers of indoor air quality products.
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Here are some of our most popular products:

Air Cleaners

Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection Pureair™ Air Purification System

  • Only single indoor air quality system to attack all three classes of indoor air contaminants
  • Small, breathable particles such as dust, dirt, pollen and allergens
  • Airborne mold spores, bacteria and viruses
  • Odors and chemical vapors
  • Removes OVER 95% of particles ranging in size down to 0.3 micron
  • Removes OVER 90% of bioaerosols ranging in size down to 0.01 micron
  • Removes and destroys approximately 50% of household odors and chemical vapors in a 24-hour period


Healthy Climate 16 Media Air Cleaner

  • #1 rated professionally installed, whole-home filtration system as ranked by a leading consumer magazine (Sept 2010)
  • Provides whole-home filtration for optimal home comfort and air quality, with no additional energy costs
  • MERV 16 Precision Pleat™ media filter (MERV 16/CADR 1900)
  • Hospital inpatient care/general surgery level filtration
  • Removes OVER 95% of particles ranging in size down to 0.3 micron
  • Removes OVER 90% of bio aerosols and microorganisms down to 0.01 micron
  • Effective filtration to protect the HVAC equipment
  • No cleaning required
  • Cartridge slides out for quick and easy replacement
  • Cartridge lasts up to one year. As with any filtration product, replacement life cycle depends on the individual conditions and needs of your home
  • Compatible with any HVAC system—no additional power source needed
  • No ozone emissions


Healthy Climate 10 Media Air Cleaner

  • Provides whole-home filtrationfor optimal home comfort and air quality, with no additional energy costs
  • MERV 10* media filter (MERV 10/CADR 520)
  • Removes up to 85% of particles such as dust, dirt, and mold spores down to 3 microns
  • ompatible with any HVAC system—no additional power source needed
  • No ozone emissions


Aprilaire Space Gard

  • Equipped with patented filtering media that can give you exceptionally clean air throughout your home – at a very affordable price.


Sante Fe Classic

  • Removes 110 pints of water per day
  • Sized for up to 2500 sq. ft.
  • Merv-11 air filter
  • 20”W x 36”H x 17”D
  • 100 lbs.

Lennox Humiditrol Whole-Home Dehumidification System

  • Manages the moisture in your home’s air for greater comfort and improved indoor air quality
  • Patented Humiditrol® technology helps reduce humid conditions in the home, reducing the opportunity for mold and mildew problems
  • Maintains optimal humidity, minimizing the impact of potential airborne pollutants
  • Installs easily in existing duct system
  • No ozone emissions


Venmar EKO Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • Ideal for small to mid-size homes, this balanced system offers superior indoor air quality and excess humidity control
  • Engineered to be one of the most eco-friendly HRV air exchangers on the market
  • Innovative design and high performance motors significantly lower energy costs without affecting performance


Venmar SOLO Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • Ideal for medium to large homes, as well as renovation and new residential construction projects
  • Offers a complete solution to reduce excess humidity and expel gaseous pollutants
  • Optional filter upgrades are available to boost the filtration level while versatile main or optional wall controls
    make it easy to manage excess humidity and air flow throughout the home


Venmar Kubix Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • Ideal for condominiums, apartments and other limited space applications
  • Economical, light, silent and energy efficient
  • Washable foam filter


Lennox Healthy Climate Heat Recovery Ventilator

  • Provides cleaner, fresher indoor air
  • Transfers heat from indoor air before it is discharged
  • Will not restrict airflow for proper filtration
  • Ideal for new homes with energy efficient upgrades


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